4 Rivers Smokehouse – Longwood

We recently traveled over to Longwood to check out the newest 4 Rivers Smokehouse.  We’re so grateful they built one in a strip mall for us.  Since we live down the road from the tiny Winter Park branch we’re familiar with the long line of BBQ lovers that spills out into the street. Still, we were a bit surprised to find a similar crowd of patient patrons  at the spacious Longwood location.  Luckily the weather was great and the line moved surprisingly fast.

Cheese grits and pulled pork from the 4R

It was a challenge not to order the brisket and pulled pork sandwiches we know and love, but it was a new place that called for a new dish.  We decided on the Six Shooter ($6.99) – aptly named for its six ingredients. The sight of this tower of cheese grits, pulled pork and coleslaw is a little shocking and you can’t help but feel a little embarrassed walking through the dining room with this heaping tray of food.  But after the first bite, you forget all that.  Who would have thought that piling up BBQ favorites one on top of the other and topping it all off with jalapeños would result in a fantastic dish??  It’s described on the menu as “the perfect blend of sweet and savory” and they nailed it: that’s exactly what it is.

We sampled a few other items for comparative purposes, of course.  The brisket and turkey were smokey and terrific as always, and the chocolate cupcake from the Sweet Shop was quite literally perfect. Extremely moist and not nearly as sweet as it appeared; we may never eat cupcakes from a truck again.  Our only complaint that day was that a couple of the sides we sampled were served cold, and a stone cold biscuit just won’t do.

In addition to the delectable items 4R offers in the restaurants, they offer some specialty items that can be ordered ahead of time.  We highly recommend the Smoked Salmon.  We’ve ordered it a number of times and enjoy it on salads and in quiche.  It’s reasonably priced and consistently moist and flavorful.

4Rivers Smokehouse on Urbanspoon


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