Black Bean Deli – Winter Park

It had been a few years since we first ate at the Black Bean Deli and while we enjoyed it, for whatever reason we hadn’t made it back. After continually hearing such great things about this little place, we decided we needed to stop in again. We did, and we were delighted.

We started with a Tamale, which we were excited to see on the menu since it’s not a staple in many Cuban restaurants.  Often a Cuban tamale is speckled with pork, but here the moist vegetarian version is sprinkled with sweet corn kernels and topped with a vibrant red pimento sauce.

We also ordered a Picadillo Empanada, which almost immediately jumped out of its little bag onto the hardtop of the parking lot.  Anyone who saw us carrying our food knew we were an accident waiting to happen.  The savory pastry stuffed with well-seasoned ground beef was generously replaced and we enjoyed one the best empanadas we’d had in while.  In fact we enjoyed it so much, we immediately tracked down La Empanada Food Truck; the Black Bean Deli’s collaborative effort with blogger Gabrielle Arnold.  When you run across them, try the Cuban Sandwich Empanada; it’s original and incredibly tasty.  Pickles inside an empanada, ingenious.  OK, back to the Deli…

For the plato principal we chose the Havana Pork special.   The shredded pork, cooked with garlic, onions and mojo sauce was moist and flavorful.  The special included black beans, yellow rice, a small salad and maduros that were firm and had just the right amount of sweetness.  At $8, the quality and price make this a great lunch combo.

The Black Bean Deli has all the elements of the kind of gem we’re searching for: friendly folks serving quality, well-seasoned dishes at reasonable prices.  What’s not to like?

Everyday lunch special –   ½ Cuban sandwich with black beans and rice     $5.00
Havana Pork Special $8        Tamale  $2.50        Empanada  $1.75

Black Bean Deli on Urbanspoon


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