stardust video and coffee – Orlando

Is it counter-revolutionary to provide good service?

We were looking forward to brunch at Stardust.  We’d heard good things.  We placed our order at the counter and were told it would take about 20 minutes.  20 minutes was fine, after all it was brunch: a meal intended to be enjoyed leisurely.  But the 40 minutes it actually took was a little much.  The food was dropped off without a “sorry for the delay” and “hope you enjoy” but instead with a “this is yours”.  Well OK.  The plates were lovely and we were still optimistic and enthusiastic; only to find the food was cold.  Evidently the food was ready in 20 minutes, but took another 20 to get to us.

It’s unfortunate that the dishes were ruined because they seemed to have potential.  Our Fisherman on the Fjord (eggs benedict with smoked salmon) had a generous amount of quality salmon, a well-constructed albeit cold hollandaise and a nice touch of dill and capers.  Likewise the Italian Stallion, a breakfast pizza with vegetables, goat cheese, pesto and an egg on top, was a nice combination of flavors but altogether unenjoyable cold.

A lot can be remedied with good service.  Even with a ridiculous wait and cold food a show of concern or a kind word can make a visit palatable, but Stardust wasn’t offering any of that.  We’ll take our coffee to go.

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