Bagel King – Casselberry

We make a weekly trek to the Bagel King in Casselberry Commons for “everything” bagels.  While we live walking distance from a chain bagel shop that will do in a pinch, there’s really no comparison.

It’s a rare occasion when we sit down and have something other than bagels. When we do, Fannie’s French Toast made with three slices of challah bread is a good choice and should probably be the meal for the day.  But it’s the bagels that have us hooked; everything bagels with plain cream cheese, or chunky nova spread on special occasions.

Bagel King has been recently remodeled and is open for breakfast and lunch with a large selection of bagels, egg dishes and sandwiches.  Linzer cookies are also a must.

Bagel w/plain cream cheese  $2.00              w/chunky nova spread  $3.50

1455 State Road 436 # 113
Casselberry, FL 32707

Bagel King on Urbanspoon

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